WHMIS_-_smallIn Canada, if a workplace uses hazardous products, there must be a WHMIS program in place. Workers must be educated and trained so they understand the hazards and know how to work safely with hazardous products.

All workers who work with hazardous products, or who may be exposed to a hazardous product as part of their work activities, must learn about the hazard information for these products. The hazard information should include the information received from the supplier, as well as any other information that the employer is aware of about the use, storage and handling of each product.

As an example, this education and training will include all workers who:

  • May be exposed to a hazardous product due to their work activities (including normal use, maintenance activities, or emergencies)
  • Use, store, handle or dispose of a hazardous product
  • Supervise or manage workers who may be exposed, or use, store, handle or dispose of a hazardous product
  • Are involved in emergency response

A record of training will be given to the student on successful completion of the course.

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