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Diversity and Skilled Trades

Ever thought of a job in the skilled trades? If not, you might want to reconsider. Skilled trades are well-paying, fulfilling careers that boost self-confidence and self-esteem. With over 150 skilled trades to choose from, there is a trade out there suited to everyone’s interests and abilities. Pursue a path

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Finding Success in Safety

Inside this edition: IHSA’s top five safety resources for small businesses Best practice: Extension of sewer laterals A growing concern: Evaluating the hazards of marijuana in the workplace A tool for success: Turning small businesses into industry leaders with COR™ IHSA’s small business awareness initiative 12 Mobile generators on construction

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College of Trades: Strategic Plan – 2018 Priorities

The prosperity Ontario enjoys today was created, in large part, by a generation of tradespeople who learned their skills in Ontario or brought their skills to Ontario. Tradespeople perform services that make our homes comfortable, our lives enjoyable and our communities vibrant. They keep vehicles running safely and efficiently, and

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CEO’s Message – Members News 2018

As we head into summer, I’d like to update you on some of the key initiatives that we’ve been working on with members and stakeholders. To begin, let me say thank you to those who responded to our first member newsletter. We had hundreds of responses and I was happy

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For Young Workers

If you’re a young worker chances are you hold down at least one part-time job. This job might change on a regular basis. Changing jobs though, isn’t just hard on your wallet, it also increases your risk of being injured on the job. Studies show workers on the job for less than

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